Frequently Asked Questions


How does registration work?

We have implemented a new registration system in 2024. There will be two steps required to ensure your child is registered for HHYC.

  1. If this is your first time, you will need to fill out the new family enrollment form. The link will be found under “Registration”. This will set up your Parent Dashboard. You will only fill this out once.
  2. After Parent Dashboard is created – you will only use the second link provided under “Registration” This will be where you will register your children for camp, fill out all medical forms, and set up your payment method.

Click on this video, to get more detail instructions and a step-by-step tutorial.

What is the CampSite Parent Dashboard and where can I find the link?

The parent dashboard is where you will enroll your children into camp and find all forms that you will have to get filled out and uploaded by July 1st – the link will be found under “Registration” in this website.

If you have not enrolled your child before, you will have to fill out the New Family Enrollment Form – the link will be found under “Registration” in this website.

I do not remember my Parent Dashboard password or if I ever set it up in the first place?

If you do not remember if you have filled out New Family Enrollment Form, please try signing in to the Parent Dashboard. There you can enter your email after clicking on “What’s my Password?”, and check to see if you already have an account.

If you have registered a child in 2024 and/or after, you have definitely set the Parent Dashboard before.

If you have registered a child in 2023 and/or before, you have not set up the Parent Dashboard and will need to fill out the New Family Enrollment Form.

I don’t see the “Enrollment” tab in my Parent Dashboard?

Before the given registration time, you will not see this tab. On the specified registration time, the “Enrollment” tab will open so you can go ahead and register your child.

What is the best way to ensure my child has a spot for HHYC 2024?

Please make sure you set up Parent Dashboard before the registration time! Please register as soon as registration opens! With our automated system, if a spot is available for your child’s group, you will be able to complete registration. TIP: Set up your Financial Information in the Dashboard so the checkout process will go much faster during registration!

Due to high demand in certain groups, spots are filled within 5 minutes of registration opening!

We truly wish we could accommodate every camper, but we are limited by campsite capacity. However, we will grow as years come as we now have our own campsite!

If we have multiple children to register, what strategy does HHYC recommend for registration?  

Please set up one parent portal account to register all siblings. Otherwise, you will have to fill in duplicate information (parent information, payment information, etc).

If you have multiple children to register, we recommend enrolling campers in grades 6-10 first.  

We cannot ensure each sibling will get a spot in camp as all of the available spots are first come first serve! We understand this may place parents in a tricky situation if they are unable to register each child, but we must stick with this policy to keep registration fair for all. 

If my child is waitlisted, what is the likelihood they can move off the waitlist?

It is tough to gauge if your child will be accepted into camp even if they are on top of the waitlist. The waitlist typically moves most during the first 2 weeks of registration. The waitlist moving is driven by cancellations. Therefore, it is not possible to predict if your child will be admitted into camp if they are on the waitlist.

What are the health forms and when are they due?

In your parent dashboard, you will find 2 separate forms that must be completed for each camper prior to camp:  The camp physical form, and the medical information form.

  1. 2024 PHYSICAL FORM – You will download and upload 2024 Physical Form in the form’s tab of the parent dashboard. Please download the provided document and have your child’s physician fill out the physical form. This completed form must be uploaded under forms on the parent dashboard by July 1st.  
  2. 2024 MEDICAL INFORMATION FORM – You will fill out and submit the 2024 Medical Information Form in the form’s tab of the parent dashboard. The parent of the child must fill out each child’s medical history, medical insurance information, and more. The parent must complete and submit this form by July 1st.

Can I use the Physical Form from last year/from another camp?

You may not submit an HHYC Physical form from last year. It must be from 2024. You are also not allowed to submit a recent physical form that was filled out in 2024 for another camp/activity/organization.


Who can be a counselor, what are the requirements and how do I sign up?

Camp counselors start from incoming college students to recent college graduates. We have in person Sunday meetings from 2pm – 5pm every week May-July. All new counselors must attend meetings and are allowed two excused absences. Counselors sign ups open around March/April, keep a look out on our Instagram and Website for when they open.

How much does HHYC cost?

For 2024, each camp costs $595. When registering, you have three options:

  1. Pay in Full ($595)
  2. Pay initial deposit ($200) set up AutoPay Payment Plan – May 19 ($197.50) & June 2 ($197.50)
  3. Pay Other amount (Between $200 – $595) and the remainder is split between May 19 & June 2

What is the recommended payment method?

If you pay by credit card or debit card, there will be a 3% fee. We are unable to accept American Express. If paying by bank account or e-check, there is no additional fee. Credit card and debit card payments process immediately, while payment by bank accounts will take 3-5 days to process. 

If your child was waitlisted, you will not have been charged.

I am getting an Error when inputting my bank information, what do I do?

When adding a payment method, please double check the follow:

  • Remove all leading zeros on the account number (ex. if account number is 012345678910, only enter 12345678910)
  • The routing number is accurate and only 9 digits
  • The name field contains only letters (no symbols, no hyphens) 
  • The name field contains only 2 names (i.e. 1 first name and 1 last name with 1 space in between)
  • The entire name is not longer than 24 characters

What is the refund policy?

Please send us an email if you decide to cancel your child’s registration

100% refund until May 18th

50%  refund until June 1st

No refund after June 1st

Will processing fees also be refunded?

If you paid by credit card or debit card, there was a 3% processing fee. This will not be refunded.

If you paid by bank account or e-check, there was no additional fee and you will get the appropriate amount refunded depending on the date (see above).


I am not receiving emails from HHYC. What could be the issue?

Emails before registration are sent via Mailchimp. Please ensure you are signed up for HHYC Insider. Emails after registration are sent via the registration software. Please ensure you enter your email correctly during registration. Also, please check Promotions and Spam folders.

How many campers will be admitted for HHYC 2024?

We are actively trying to grow camp each year especially now that we have our own campsite! Last year we had 220 campers, this year we are aiming for at least 300 split between Junior and Senior Camp.

What are the sleeping arrangements?

We have 4 bunks on the campsite. Each bunk has two separate sides with their own attached bathroom and sleeps 30 campers (15 bunks) . All campers will be assigned based on gender and grade. They will receive their bunk information on the first day of camp.

How many adults are on site? What is the camper-to-counselor ratio? 

There are multiple adults on site. The camper-to-counselor ratio is about 3.5 campers for every counselor and adult. 

Which age group(s) is there the most demand for?

6th grade – 10th grade typically receive the most registrations. Middle school is typically the toughest to register for.

Will there be a bus service to and from camp?

Since our campsite is very close to Houston, we will not have an option for a bus service. All campers will have to get dropped off and picked up directly to/from the Texas Hindu Campsite.

Do you allow later drop off and/or early pick up?

Unfortunately, we do not allow later drop off or early pick up. All campers are expected to be dropped and picked up only on the time and date given