2024 HHYC

Junior (4th – 8th grade) Camp : July 23rd – July 28th
Senior (9th – 12th grade) Camp : July 30th – Aug 4th

About Us

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The first Hindu Heritage Youth Camp (HHYC) started in 1985. The idea was simple – inspire the younger generation by teaching them the rich values and ideas of their heritage.

Our camp takes place over 5 days. These days are filled with outdoor games, cultural activities, educations sessions, delicious food, and awesome friends.

All of this is made possible by our counselors, many of whom are former campers, that spend the course of their summer planning for HHYC. This ranges from becoming dodgeball experts to fine tuning presentations on Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.

In the end, we hope this experience allows campers to walk away with confidence, lifelong friends, and an understanding of what it means to be a Hindu.

Hindu Heritage Youth Camp is done in partnership with Hindus of Greater Houston. To learn more about HGH and how they help support the community, visit their website at www.hindusofhouston.org

2024 HHYC Info



FINALLY @ OUR Texas Hindu Campsite!!


Junior (4th – 8th grade) Camp : July 23rd – July 28th
Senior (9th – 12th grade) Camp : July 30th – Aug 4th


Incoming 4th – 12th graders.


To have a great, fun-filled week to learn about Hinduism!



Campers get the chance to learn about their religion and rich culture from counselors who have grown up in America just like many of them. Topics can range from yoga to avatars to dealing with misconceptions about Hinduism and the power of meditation.



Campers enjoy a wide variety of recreational activities. With a huge pool and the 40′ waterslide, swimming is always the favorite sport. There is also basketball, volleyball, canoeing, archery, ultimate frisbee, and kickball! Kids also get the chance to play Indian games like Kho, Khabadi, and Langhri. The campers learn about their culture as well as teamwork and cooperation.


Cultural Activities

Campers can show off their talents in the talent show and their inner-actor during skit night, where every camper participates in a short play to demonstrate what they learned at camp. Other fun cultural activities include Garba/Raas/Bhangra Night and Holi.

2024 Directors

We are proud to announce our HHYC Directors for 2024

Parth Dargan

This is Parth’s second year as director. He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Computer Engineering in May 2023.

Srushti Gaikaiwari

This will be Srushti’s first year directing camp. She graduated from the Texas A&M University with a degree in Bioinformatics in December 2023.


Past Directors



Parth Dargan & Shivangi Dixit


Ranjan Veludandi & Shivangi Dixit


Ranjan Veludandi & Shamal Shah


Abhimanyu Aggarwal & Shamal Shah


Namita Pallod & Abhimanyu Aggarwal


Namita Pallod & Vevek Shukla


Namita Pallod & Akash Dhingra


Arpan Amin & Veli Shah


Bharat Pallod & Arpan Amin


Sagar Patel & Bharat Pallod