Generally, these are the activities that consist a typical day


Campers begin their morning with enriching yoga and exercises.

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Following the morning exercises, campers eat breakfast and get ready for the rest of the day

Counselors having fun


After breakfast, campers go back outside and take part in cultural games that involve physical activity.

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Considering physical activity makes a camper very sweaty, they go shower and get ready for the rest of the day

Finally, to finish out the morning, campers engage in interactive education sessions in which they learn about many different topics which make up Hinduism.


At this point, campers are extremely hungry because of all the fun they are having. This means it’s time for lunch.



After lunch, there is another round of education in order to keep the mind stimulated.

After education, campers have an opportunity to stretch their legs and engage in free recreation in which they can take part in many outdoor activities such as basketball, volleyball, canoeing, and swimming.




After some rigorous exercise, campers engage in Bhajans and Aarti



Following bhajans, it is time for some authentic Indian food prepared by authentic Indian aunties and uncles.

Sushma Pallod food co-ordinator


Every night, after dinner there is always a fun activity. These include garba, talent show, skit night, and dodgeball.





Following the nighttime activity, it’s usually time for bed. This concludes an amazing day at camp!