2019 Lock In

Hindu Heritage Youth Camp organized our second consecutive winter lock-in last month for High School students. Learning from the lessons in the year prior, the organizers decided to host the lock-in at India House at Bellfort where they had more access to open space, and freedom to organize activites. The result was a resounding success. The night started with ice breakers, which lead into dinner. From dinner, the counselors and the students engaged in a discussion about Hinduism and how they can incorporate several relevant practices into their everyday life. The rest of the night consisted of games and activities which gave the students an opportunity to catch up with their friends form the annual summer camp, as well as make new friends.

The event would not have been made possible without the counselors who volunteered and planned the night, the support of the Hindus of Greater Houston, and of India House. The staff of India House helped the volunteers prepare before and during the event, which allowed the event to run exactly as planned. Hindu Heritage Youth Camp is hoping to build on the success of lock-in this year and establish the lock-in as an annual event.